Sustainable Development

Our Sustainability Report highlights the climate change topic and the Company’s efforts to manage climate related risks. Dagnotekh recognizes the need for climate change risks strategy, energy-efficient technology, responsible greenhouse gas emissions management, and minimal environmental impact of its operations in the context of climate change.

Each year we strive to improve the quality and quantity of information disclosed in line with generally accepted GRI Standards. Our annual Sustainability Report is the main informational source highlighting the Company’s ESG principles and practices and one of the key channels of stakeholder engagement.



The Dagnotekh Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system, Integrity Matters, encompasses the policies, procedures, programs and standards that enable Dagnotekh to operate worldwide in a manner that is protective of personnel, considerate of the environment and respectful of the communities in which the company works.

The management system enables Dagnotekh to evaluate HSE risks in a transparent manner and to develop controls to eliminate or reduce those risks to acceptable levels. Integrity Matters is consistent with national and international standards.